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And I was walkin out the door before you stopped to talk me. Your cigarette breath and bourbon sent me into nostalgic agony. You still breathe through my bad dreams. Robbie, you still rob me of a good night’s sleep.

So thanks for the honesty I better be leaving.
..And you’re still following me.

I wore this nice dress tonight. I’m doing this for me. You stumble onto the porch, and puke, and I just want to leave. And you seem musky and brisk; you’re hard to speak with.

Robbie, you’re flaky. Thats the thing with cynics: You’re always seeking distance. You hate commitment. Forget our history, You know, you know its freezing out here... “Sorry for the smoke” you stress I mind but say I don’t. You offer one from the boquet and I swoon at the thought of being alone. Am I your lady? “What are you doing after this?” Probably going to sleep.

“Are you happy?” Well, who is?
I don’t know what you want from me.

You made me happy for a minute then stopped listening.
No, no, don’t you put your hands on me!

So fuck right off or let me go inside Every baby knows that bottles are his favorite place to hide; Every lady knows your wasted and your breaths a waste of time. Why do you choose now? With all this sorted out Why a party? Where’s the same privacy you promised me?

Your only company is beer and dreams and talking on and on about the world that you perceive, it’s cold and dark and gray, But I feel pretty okay
Without you breathing down my neck every fucking day; You’re a liar and a cheat and I think it’s safe to say: You lack the simplest honesty.

Are you gonna front me, live peacefully, or try and keep me?
I’m not your property.
Are you gonna let me leave peacefully or keep me caught in the cooler of beer dreams?
I am doing this for me.

Maybe you should keep me in your beer dreams
I don’t want you near me, Or speakin bad about me, and you can take your plain dishonesty. Get the hell away from me. Get the hell away from me! Get the Hell --


from Leaving Man​-​Town, USA, released May 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Saint Rascal Chicago, Illinois

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